Welcome to the launch of the official PhD SOS website

A PhD is one of the most rewarding things in an academic’s life, but it can also be one of the most difficult times in your life. A PhD is more than just a degree, it is a life experience, so be open and welcoming to the whole process. However, that’s easier said than done. So…if you are finding the journey difficult, I hope that you find PhD SOS helpful!

During my studies, I created a pool of resources that helped me get through my PhD. Many of the resources that I will share with you, here at PhD SOS, are resources that worked for me and my PhD, so please be aware that some posts may not be as relevant to you as others, and you may not find everything useful.

If you do find anything that PhD SOS posts useful, please remember that your main source of support and advice should come from your academic supervisory team. Please do not use any information or advice from this website as a substitute to the academic and pastoral support you are receiving from your institution (please see disclaimer).

If you are finding a PhD difficult, stick with it, work hard, work smart, and enjoy the journey of getting your PhD!

Our hope for PhD SOS is to become an online community for PhD students to communicate and share tips and advice with each other.